New MEF Board Will Help Ensure Mobile Entertainment Reaches Full Potential
April 22nd. The Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) today announced the new members of its board of directors who will lead the forum's global strategy and activities over the next twelve months.

The board members are as follows:

Dr. Rann Smorodinsky (Cash-U) - Chair
Patrick Parodi (PacketVideo) - Vice-Chair
Andrew Bud (mBlox)
Christian Lutz (UCP)
Paul Maglione (Digital Bridges)
Lorane Poersch (KidsWebTv)
Ralph Simon (Machines That Go Ping/MEF Americas)
Julian Swallow (Mobrio)
Ion Valaskakis (Vodafone)
Dr. Thomas Wiemers (Siemens Mobile)

The board members were elected by full members of the forum during the body's annual general assembly which took place in London on the 7th of April.

The board is responsible for setting strategy and policy for MEF initiatives and activities across the forum's presence in Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific regions.

The MEF is a global trade association representing all participants in the mobile entertainment value chain interested in driving the industry's evolution and commercial potential through collaboration, consultation and promotional activities. MEF is committed to reducing the barriers to entry into the innovative mobile entertainment market, thereby encouraging entry by new businesses and increasing competition and growth to the benefit of all industry players and consumers. The forum is identifying and addressing a wide range of issues now facing the industry from establishing commercial best practices, setting mobile content standards and driving policy guidelines through to building awareness of commercial realities. The forum will announce it's primary activities for 2003 in the next several weeks.

"We are now approaching a crucial time in the development of mobile entertainment as a significant new media, said Rann Smorodinsky, the chairman of the MEF. "Mobile entertainment is entering the consumer market and this is when the industry needs careful guidance in order to ensure it reaches its full potential and avoids the regulatory pitfalls and commercial dead ends which could damage the sector before it reaches the mass market. The new board of directors represents a very broad cross-section of companies and offers a valuable range of viewpoints and experience. ."

Vice-Chair Patrick Parodi stated, "MEF is the perfect place for content and media players to meet face to face with the mobile community. The MEF's increasingly diverse composition of global companies with understanding of numerous local territories gives the forum a unique outlook on the mobile entertainment market as it evolves."

"We believe in teaming up with all partners that are part of the mobile entertainment value chain, having the willpower to make this market happen," says newly-elected MEF Director and Vice-President at Siemens Mobile Dr. Thomas Wiemers. "We see the MEF as the right forum to achieve this goal."

"The MEF is the premier forum for the discussion of mobile content issues," said Ion Valaskakis, Board member and Business Development and Content Manager for Vodafone Global Content Services. "We are delighted to be a part of it."

In addition to voting for new board members, the MEF also welcomed a number of new members during the general assembly including Siemens Mobile, Faithwest, Orga Systems and Superscape.'